Saturday, January 26, 2013

To be a Shia in Pakistan

To be a Shia in Pakistan is to court death itself these days. There are literally countless stories out there like this one : - of lives ended too soon; of sole bread-earners of countless households taken away from their families mercilessly; and for what? These atrocities are such widespread now that all of us know somebody who has been a victim of this - a victim of this insane and barbaric killing spree by dogs let loose by the State willingly.

Why is Malik Ishaq still allowed to hold rallies in Karachi and other parts of the country openly threatening action against the Shias? Why is that poison-spewing man even outside roaming our streets free? Why has he been let loose for "lack of evidence" by the supposedly rejuvenated justice system of Pakistan (even after openly confessing many Shia killings)? Why? why? why?!

Whose interests does that serve? Is the State afraid of going against these religious fundamentalists, because it fears for it's own safety when it needs them for Afghanistan and India? At what expense? Thousands are dead. No city in Pakistan is safe anymore for Shias. This is unprecedented and unbelievable for anyone wishing for a modicum of normalcy in their daily life. How can you live this?

You can't!

The recent outcry for justice following the barbaric double bombings in Quetta was heartening to see. For once, the country did wake up to the plight of the Shias. But has anything actually been done since then? Is there someone now magically willing to go after LeJ, SSP, and their friends in TTP? Meanwhile, the killings continue unabated. Two Shia doctors were killed in the space of a few hours two days ago.

The killings go on, and like everything else in Pakistan, the news fades away. It is the silence that kills. So speak up!

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