Saturday, March 24, 2007


Me and my University buddies went to the new GoAish Adventure Park the other day to check out the new `Paintball Arena` that had been set up there. A friend had played this game in Lahore and was all praises for it, especially for the CS-addicts (and there are quite a lot of them nowadays!). Anyway, around 15 of us gathered at the 'Arena' inside GoAish relishing the prospect of kicking each other's butt!

The 'Arena' is nothing more than cleared out "Jhaarian" with chopped-down trees and rocks placed there as objects for taking cover. Nevertheless, the fact that they've bothered to work on bringing something like this to Karachi is admirable. A single game costs Rs. 200 which gets you 12 bullets, and for every extra bullet you pay Rs. 8. Kher, we bought ourselves a game, listened to some instructions and finally donned the warlike gear they gave us which was reminiscent of CS uniforms. Although the guns were a bit shabby, the headgear made the CS-transformation complete! We looked like real soldiers believe me, too bad we didn't have a cam to capture it. The bullets, meanwhile, are small and full of paint but they hurt like hell once you get hit trust me ! :P

There were a number of flags spread across the Arena and the objective to collect as many as a team can until they run out of bullets. I was in the black team and once the game started, started running here and there calling on my `Call of Duty` exploits to take cover, order covering fire and grab the closest flag. Needless to say, the entire operation was not without pain and I got hit more than anybody else i.e., a whopping 16 times ! :P The bullets, I tell you, hit you like a pebble thrown at 30mph! Especially if you happen to venture off into the enemy territory and get spotted, evoking a fearsome response from the opposition. Yeah, imagine being the sole target of 5 people raining bullets on you from all directions !! Ouch! It hurts and I've got marks all over my body to prove it!

I've been nursing those bruises ever since ... but still dying to go back with my cousins next week :P! The whole experience was really fun and although the game didn't last as long as we'd hoped for, everyone still enjoyed and had a great time ! There are other interesting activities there too, like Wall-Climbing, Quad Bikes, Rope Courses etc. They are worth checking out but very tiring physically. All in all, a wonderful place to go and spend your pastime. If you're a CS addict or enjoy playing first-person shooters, you must go paintballing ! The more the merrier, take as many friends as you possibly can. It is the perfect place to practice your headshot-skills in real time! Good Shootin' ;)!

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