Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Computer Clock Cycle Jargon

A mention of MegaHertz not being a very accurate measure of the computational power by our Chariman sahab during his class of Computer System Modeling reminded me of this neat article that I dugg some time ago on ...

AMD has been gaining lost ground to its arch-rival Intel recently ... and in some areas, it has even taken the lead (atleast thats what my cousin who sells AMD tells me) . Khair, take a look ...

Saturday, January 21, 2006

You think you're smart?

Time to put your brains to the test ... a supposed "intelligence" test by MENSA:

If you're really up for it then you might as well give this one a go too ...

First Post

Just came back from an overnight bar b.q at a friend's place ... Dizzy as hell. Why'd I choose this moment to create my blog? Dunno .. but if I were Khushka I'd say ..."Abbu nay kaha tha!" .. lolz! .. welcome to me place!