Monday, February 01, 2010

US Travel Woes NOT!

Life's been busy as heck of late. Work, homework, and more work. To those of you who were waiting to hear from me after my last ranting of sorts, sorry to disappoint you friends (for not updating and posting updates sooner). What the heck may I be talking about? The trip of course. It went fine! There was nothing different. No strip-searches, no rubber hand glove thingies greeting me as I landed in the US. You are, however, subject to extra-screening at your city of departure towards the US. That is the only change from before. I guess it was too soon for them to have put the new measures in place.

Not much going on otherwise. School, work and xbox form the bulk of my activities these days. Its been so cold of late that I haven't been able to go out and play football on weekends. I kinda miss that. Running around and working out works wonders for you. And with snow falling this weekend (which I don't mind btw), the cold spell is set to continue for a while. It is winter, after all.