Monday, May 29, 2006

Of Bibi and Sharfu

Only in Pakistan can you loot and plunder a country (not once but twice!) and still be considered respectable enough to run for a third friggin term! Both of our ex-Prime Ministers ... the so called harbingers of democracy should honestly be shot for the state they'd brought the country in before Mshy took over. I'm not advocating for Mushy here but I can't bear the sight of these two looters on my television set, it makes my blood boil tbh!

Too bad the masses of this great country are still under the control of feudal lords with loyal vote banks littered all over rural areas. No matter what crimes these people commit, their vote banks stay by and large intact. I pray we don't see either of them back in power again ... that would surely put us back several steps.

Blogspot unblocked (again)

The entire blogspot domain seems to have been unblocked by the PTA again, for some reason. It remains to be seen whether they've moved to please somebody else this time or if some sense has finally been kicked into their heads.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Why you should not resist

DAWN Metropolitan, Friday May 25th

KARACHI: Young man shot dead

KARACHI, May 25: A young man was shot dead in an attempt to save his cell phone from being snatched in Liaquatabad on Thursday. Police said two men came to the shop of Atta Mohammad, 25. As Atta received a call on his cell phone, the suspects tried to snatch it. As Atta resisted them, they shot him dead and fled after snatching his phone set.

The incident occurred in C-1 Area.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hi-Res Photo: The International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) is the largest human-made object ever to orbit the Earth. After departing the ISS, the crew of Discovery captured this spectacular vista of the orbiting space city high above the Caspian Sea.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Child Labour

Such is the unfortunate condition in our country that you wouldn't be astounded at seeing nine or ten-year olds being made to work and earn money when all they should be concerned about is getting an education. It was a first, atleast for me, when yesterday I came across a 10-year old bus conductor! ... Imagine that, trusting a little kid with collecting money and what not of a bus route .. sad but at the same time amazing. Clad in a green shalwar kameez, he was shouting ... KADIA, Jamia Cloth, Tower aaay! in the usual conductor style.

Well, atleast the ladies wouldn't mind seeing a conductor in their compartment now ... Ok, bad joke I'll sign off now ...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Growing Crime in Karachi!

Just the other day while returning home from the PASHA Job Fair 2006, I was sitting in my passenger seat in Star Line coach and this guy got on from Pearl Continental and stood right next to me as there was no room to sit. I couldn't help but notice the top part of his mobile phone clearly visible in the front pocket of the jeans he was wearing. For a second, I thought I should let this guy know because you never someone else with not-so-noble intentions might see it.

And you know what? 10 minutes later! I hear the same guy, screaming ... "Mera Mobile!" frantically checking the bag and pockets for his cellphone, which was by now gone! :( Someone had obviously spotted it and expertly taken it out without or him or me sitting right in front of him noticing it!

I felt sick, cursing myself for not telling him. God knows what this city is coming to.