Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pitiful time to be a muslim

The last couple of days have been extremely troubling for the Muslim in me. First, Israel launched an air assault on Lebanon in response to two of its soldiers being captured. And then the tragic martyrdom of Allam Hasan Turabi on Friday. It seems the city is at the mercy of these cold-blooded killers who strike whenever and wherever they like with no fear of capture, and rightly so, no one in recent times has been brought to justice.

As far as the bigger picture goes, we have the Zionists killing palestinians and now lebanese civilians too! And all Mr. Bush had to say after Israel's latest disregard for international laws was that 'Israel has a right to defend herself'! Well, so do the palestinians and the lebanese you moron! What do you think the palestinians have been doing for decades?! You drive them out of their lands, force them to live as third-class citizens in your occupied land and now you hold them responsible for standing up and defending themselves in the face of years of injustice! Damn you! Damn all of you!

It sickens me to see that NO muslim state has the bottle to stand up to Israel, look it in the eye and tell them to back off or else! Except for a statement from Iran today warning Israel of dire consequences, no one has taken that hard a stand! What proud UMMAT we all are. If our disunity wasn't enough to hang our heads in shame, our good old friends from the Kingdom of Saudia actually came out critcising Hezbullah! Do they not know that it is a sin in itself not to raise your voice and defend yourself against relentless oppression?!

The only LIGHT in an otherwise bleak future of the UMMAH is that justice will prevail in the end afterall. God will surely have the final word. It has been promised that there will come a blessed man from whose hands all evil will be defeated once and for all. May God hasten his re-appearance. Amen!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Go Italy!

I've been wanting to post here about the ongoing Football World Cup but always forgot, so here I am showing my support to the Italians before their big game. I have watched almost all matches at this World Cup and although my favorites were Argentina, they were cruelly knocked out on penalties by the Germans, I guess home advantage does count a lot at the finals. Anyways, there was nothing cruel about Italy's win over the hosts in the Semi-Final. It was a thoroughly deserved victory as the Italians caught the eye from the start and especially threatened to score in the extra time.

The French, meanwhile, have been impressive but not brilliant. 'Zizou' still has a few flashes of brilliance left in him but they're not as good as the Azzuri for certain. I really hope Italy beat them in normal time, fair and square. The look on Henry's face would be worth seeing, heh. Go Italy!


The vacations are drawing to a close (All good things come to an end, as they say). So before we know it, we'll be back to Uni life and what follows is the same old same old. Besides procrastinating on final year project work, I did some side-projects (mostly on dot net) and watched some Star Trek. It might come as a surprise but I have become quite a fan of Star Trek ever since I borrowed the Deep Space Nine series from my friend Whiz. It's amazing how often we form preconceived notions about things without ever really knowing about them. I remember not watching the first installment of Lord of the Rings until after a couple of months of its release, I thought it was some ordinary movie before I saw it and instantly became a fan. Kher, I'm sure it applies on things other than movies as well :-) ... my mind cannot seem to go beyond TV for now!

Other than that I've been reading some blogs and found The Olive Ream to be an excellent read. Do check it out. Satirical humour at its best I tell you.