Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hey Obama, WTF?!

I thought we were on the same team in your so-called "War on Terror". And yet starting from Jan 4th, you've imposed these new security measures that make thousands of travelers of "countries of interest" to pass through additional security checks. Besides, isn't that what the bad guys wanted all along? That is, to cause mass hysteria and for you to get more paranoid and make travel for hundreds and thousands of perfectly peaceful daily travelers an effing nightmare?

So one Nigerian manages to evade all security checkpoints, and fails in detonating explosives under cover of his blanket roughly 20 minutes before landing that now we are denied access to our hand-luggage in the last 60 minutes of flight as well as from using blankets or anything of that sort during that time. How exactly does that make any one of us safer? Could a supposedly dangerous person not do whatever they're attempting to do before that?! And how will patting people multiple times detect the kind of explosives that Nigerian gentleman was carrying? Tell me Mr. Obama?

From what I remember from your speech in Cairo, you were seeking a "new beginning" between the USA and the Muslim World. Is this action part of that "new beginning" you spoke of Mr. President? How is this a step towards earning "mutual respect" of the Muslims around the world when you've basically lumped them all into one big group of people who are a security risk to the USA. You talked of bridging the gaps and ending years of mistrust, yet your actions today defy what you said that day in Cairo. I shudder to think how this administration will react if, God forbid, something bad does take place on US soil?

Having said that, I will get to experience these new security measures first hand as I'll be boarding a US-bound flight from Karachi tonight. It promises to be an eventful journey, and I am fearing the worst as there's no end to the paranoia demonstrated by Obama n co. WTF!

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