Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How Ironic!

I noticed this article on the back pages of DAWN the other day entitled Pakistani visitors highest spenders in UK. How frigging Ironic is that?!

I mean, what is the harsh reality that we're faced with ? That Pakistan is an extremely poor country, where more than half of the population is illiterate (contrary to the claims by the Govt.) and where poverty is rampant.

This just shows that the state is in dire straits when it comes to money while the well-off people of Pakistan are going around minding their own business living a life of luxury, traveling all over the world! I am not casting blame on anyone but it is a fact that every second person is looking for a way out of Pakistan and it is also no secret that majority of us wouldn't say no to some easy money, when it comes our way, given the hapless state of law-enforcement and almost non-existence of checks and balances, this is pretty much the order of things here.

The country may be attracting a lot of foreign investment but I don't see any visible progress among the people of Pakistan, shouldn't they be the first priority? What good is all the money if it's given back to community by investing on Education, Poverty Alleviation et al. The disparity between the rich and the poor increases day-by-day and here we are selling islands to foreign firms to build resorts on, constructing 7-star hotels! For who exactly? The 0.1% that form the elite? I wonder how long will the one-man show last in Pakistan.

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