Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Power sharing or Power saving?

It seems Mushy is bent on keeping the President's chair for as long as humanly possible - and for that, he's now performed the cardinal sin of negotiating with those who he once vowed to stop getting back in power! Such a true reflection of politics in this country, where you go back on your word at your convenience!

I wonder how long will the "people" bear such madness in the name of ruling. It is a nation we're talking about here, and yet all these freaking idiots care about is getting back into power and serving their assumed Gods and Goddesses sitting all the way across the Atlantic! How shallow can you get really!

I've said it a million times, no sane person would ever want those two jack**** to return to power but since when did the government did what its people wanted? It seems we're destined for another stint of looting and plundering in the name of restoration of democracy. The only way those two could stay out of power is when the Supreme Court rules against them too. Surely there's enough evidence around to convict those two of their misdeeds while they were in power. Here's hoping something of that sort materializes.

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