Sunday, February 17, 2008

Vote anyone?

Going through some "sensitive" areas of the city on the eve of Election Day, I said a silent prayer asking God for peace and stability on and after Feb 18. Without a doubt, peace is now a precious commodity for an ordinary Karachiite. We crave for peace like people crave for something important in their lives - as in their wedding, divorce (whichever way you look at it). Even my masjid's pesh-imam prays for peace before anything else, and rightly so! We need it so bad to run our goddamn businesses in the city. It'd be nice for a change when you don't have to worry about the HAALAAT spiraling out of control or some random rioting occurring in the city. It'd be nice just to focus on our day jobs for a change, if you know what I'm saying.

Anyway, enough of ranting for now. I am writing this post on the eve of Election Day to ask YOU if you're going to vote tomorrow. I know I won't - why you may ask. I'll tell you why .. the people who're contesting the elections in my locality include:
Syed Faisal Raza Abidi (PPP)
Moulana Abdul Hakeen (MMA)
Haider Abbas Rizvi (MQM)
Haleem Adil Sheikh (PML-Q)

along with some independents and one PML-N guy whose name I can't recall right now. Personally, I'd have voted for PTI if they were contesting the elections, but to vote for any one of these guys is something I'm just not going to do. I'd rather die then have voting for any of these suckers on my conscience, no thanks!

It was shocking to read some of Musharraf's comments in his interview with Jemima today. He openy admits than he's let loose some "people of main parties" in order to work with them and keep his stay in power certain. He's basically made a deal with the most corrupt leaders around in order to hang on to his seat and now he bemoans there's not much he can do. How convevient for you Mushy! Letting the country go down the drain while you continue to enjoy the luxuries of the palatial President House, to me you're no different than the people who looted this country before you. I thought you were different, but you're just another military dictator - one too many I must add for Pakistan. I hope you meet your just end soon.

With news coming in of massive rigging plans already in motion by the party in power, I can only wonder what the reaction of the opposition parties will be. Like I said earlier, one can only hope for lasting peace in this city (and the country of course). For everyone's sake, let's hope there is some degree of authenticity to this election, and perhaps more importantly, people accept the results - something that looks like a pipedream right now to be honest!


Asma said...

I didnt vote ... for my own reasons ...!

And interesting link to JK's interview ... so what do you think now regards to rigging from king's party perspective :)

Unknown said...

Ahan, read your post on why you did not vote and I respect your decision.

As for rigging, well ... a lot of it did take place in Karachi but I guess on the whole, the election did prove to be authentic - hence, the surprising results.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that PML(Q) is history but the thing which worries me is that Mr.10% (i.e. Mr. Zardari if you're still wondering) is back in the business apart from those Shareef Brothers who've done nothing except bringing our country on the verge of bankruptcy's apart from leaving it crippled in every other aspect!
Yes the message's being given to Musharraf that its about time to better give up but i seriously doubt the credibility of the leaders which have been re-elected by the public who have done absolutely nothing in the past..ah i wish i could've voted for PTI as well..whatever!

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