Monday, November 24, 2008

Vintage Pakistan

You may or may not know this, but Google Image Search has recently expanded to include photos from the LIFE photo archive. To those who do not know what this means and/or have never heard of LIFE photo archive, check this out: LIFE represents hundreds of thousands of works of photo journalists dating back to the 18th century, and perhaps more importantly, we now have access to hundreds of unpublished images back form the old days. I just ran a simple query for 'pakistan' and it brought back some astonishing images, including the one on the right of the great Quaid. Just add the word 'source:life' to your google image searches to search the LIFE photo archive.

More from the Google blog post:

Only a very small percentage of these images have ever been published. The rest have been sitting in dusty archives in the form of negatives, slides, glass plates, etchings, and prints. We're digitizing them so that everyone can easily experience these fascinating moments in time. Today about 20 percent of the collection is online; during the next few months, we will be adding the entire LIFE archive — about 10 million photos.
So please take a look for yourself and experience these great photos. Your exploration will be limited only by your imagination and your desire to keep on clicking. Be sure to check back often as more photos from the LIFE archive will be added regularly to Google Image Search. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!
Pretty awesome eh?


Muhammad Qasim Pasta said...


Saadia said...

Thank you, Raza, for this lead. I just checked it out. It literally is timeless!

Anas Imtiaz said...

great find man!

Asma said...

Awesome ... !

And what a candid moment this looks to be :)

Tazeen said...


Anonymous said...

That picture is awesome :-)

Saadia said...

I like your blog, and you're on my Blogroll now. And oh, we use the same template!

SAWJ said...

The Quaid smoked cigars, coool!!!

Awesome find mate, that guy sure was handsome even in his old days. God bless him!

Razz said...

Thanks everyone. They're gonna keep adding images to that archive so check back for more awesome stuff.

Returned a link to your blog. Thanks!

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