Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why you should recycle

Something useful I spotted in one of my campus shuttles the other day:

Recycling aluminum requires 95% less energy then extracting it from the ore.

If 1 ton of aluminum is recycled, it would power an American home for 15 months!

I guess it could potentially power a Pakistani home for double that duration, seeing how much power is wasted here.

If only we could somehow build up a healthy energy conservation infrastructure, so that so much energy which is normally wasted would be saved and more importantly, it'd go towards catering for the exponential growth in demand that we face nowadays. There is a way out of every crisis. All it needs is a proper and sincere effort!


Anonymous said...

It is a cool fact!

I wish Pakistan was as organized as US is... sometimes I wonder what people are up to in Pakistan that they can't think of such alternate things. Red-tapism?

Razz said...

The funny thing is there is so much room for improvement here too! But at least these guys have taken the first step towards incorporating science and technology in their lives. We haven't even done that :(

Senilius said...

Abay woh mehnat karnay wali qaum hai! :P

UTP said...

How and When in Pakistan?

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