Thursday, September 29, 2011

Are you the remembering type?

I don't know why people are so forgetful, or maybe it is me that tends to remember things or people more than most. I'm talking about regular stuff - like running into people randomly or remembering people you met through a mutual friend. I tend to remember this stuff pretty well, but I often find that the other person has absolutely no clue who I am in some situations, and some don't even recognize me at all! Surprisingly for me, I've found not a lot of people are of this nature. Or maybe they're too preoccupied with other stuff, but come on seriously you can't remember a guy you met couple of days ago?! People should eat more almonds I say. That's what I used to do ..... especially in exam season ;)

So, are you the remembering type?


Fariha Akhtar said...

I *used* to be.Birthdays, names, numbers, I would remember everything but not anymore :( May be the decreasing attention span leads to bad memory.Many of us shift focus from one thing to another so quickly that nothing registers properly.

Razz said...

Information overload perhaps?

Zainab said...

LOL, sounds like someone forgot you and that has stung your heart to no end! :P I kid. Well, for me, things that really touch my heart, I do remember.

Anonymous said...

Not remembering someone a person met two days ago is just too much (forgetfulness) unless that person meet loads of new people on daily basis and can't keep the track.

Razz said...

Yes :P

Getting more and more common nowadays unfortunately. In the busy life of today, people are always thinking of something at any given point, and don't notice people or things going around them. Kinda like that famous violin player who played in DC metro station for hours before passersby recognized him

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