Sunday, February 26, 2006

Iraq Burns!

What took place in Samarra cannot be condemned enough by all Muslims (shias in particular). Such sacrilege and disrespect shown to one of the holiest sites in Islam is deplorable. While everyone points the finger firmly towards the United States and their Western Allies for trying to deviate attention from another much serious case of blasphemy, I remain unconvinced. I'd rather still point the finger at them for for a totally different reason. It is they, who are responsible for bringing Iraq to where it is today, on the brink of civil war! ...

The leaders of US, UK and their Allies are the biggest violators of human rights and should be put to trial for their transgressions. It has been proven now that there were never any Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) present in Iraq, yet they based their entire going-to-war argument on this flase and fabricated fact and tried to convince the rest of the world that they were right in doing what they did.

Their so-called mission of "liberating eye-raq" has had thousands of innocent civilians killed in the ensuing violence which continues to threaten the country. All kinds of militia are now crossing the border into Iraq and killing at random. Can they still justify their actions for the sake of freedom?!

Abu-Musab Al-Zarqawi declared a full blown out war against the Shias in Iraq some time ago. Who will hunt him down when the US leaves?! Ask any iraqi and he'd rather go back to the rule of Saddam than live under US control which is more anarchic than anything, where road bombs and suicide attacks kill hundreds every week!

Such blatant acts of terrorism and the very people responsible for it should be condemned and tried in a court of law for their actions have killed thousands! With no end in sight to the violence that has gripped Iraq, one can only wonder how many more people will have to die before peace and stability return. God help us!

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Statement by Ayatullah Al-Sistani | Statement by Ayatullah Ali Khamenai

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