Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My first SPAM via Snail Mail

Behold! ... Finally, I got my first spam mail through the post today. The ever-reliant (?) PakPost guy delivered to me place a letter by some Patrick M. Dube who referred to me as "Abbas Raza" couldn't he bother to place a comma in between .. Khair, Mr. Patrick is apparently someone really BIG and is in possession of $16.8million!! .. No wonder he seeks to start an urgent business relationship with me so that he could transfer the funds abroad asap to escape from his god-knows-what calamity ( couldn't be more bewildering to be honest ).

On top of all the tripe, the letter is even personally signed by some moron but the sign looks anything but his name, starts with an 'S' and then goes haywire ... maybe he wrote shithole or something?! lolz ...

Hold on, suddenly my CD-writer's ripping Ussie's cd at 30X , god!, I must be dreaming!



Faisal Nasim said...

I think its a great business opportunity for you! You should follow up on that... its a crazy world :)

Tanveer said...

I think Faisal sent it. :)

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