Saturday, July 08, 2006

Go Italy!

I've been wanting to post here about the ongoing Football World Cup but always forgot, so here I am showing my support to the Italians before their big game. I have watched almost all matches at this World Cup and although my favorites were Argentina, they were cruelly knocked out on penalties by the Germans, I guess home advantage does count a lot at the finals. Anyways, there was nothing cruel about Italy's win over the hosts in the Semi-Final. It was a thoroughly deserved victory as the Italians caught the eye from the start and especially threatened to score in the extra time.

The French, meanwhile, have been impressive but not brilliant. 'Zizou' still has a few flashes of brilliance left in him but they're not as good as the Azzuri for certain. I really hope Italy beat them in normal time, fair and square. The look on Henry's face would be worth seeing, heh. Go Italy!

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