Monday, August 14, 2006

Pakistan turns 59!

A Happy Independence day to you all!

Typical of the current power crisis in Karachi, as the clock struck midnight ... we were without power! How unfortunate that even after 59 years of existence as a separate nation, we have been unable to ensure the provision of basic infrastructure to the citizens of this country.... and all this in the biggest and by far the most important city of Pakistan. A spell of week-long monsoon rainfall and this city is down to it's knees ... literally. Sad.

To quote an article in DAWN's Magazine by Ms. Sadia Rauf ..

The government will talk about making fancy roads and parks then inaugurate those at our inconvenience. The parks have too many lights that drain the power supply. The roads, the ‘flyover and underpass’ like creations serve one purpose: traffic chaos and water collection.

And I’m supposed to love this country? I’m supposed to vote in the next election? I’m supposed to actually believe that anyone in this existing system knows what they’re doing? We’re a city – yet, suddenly, we’re living submerged in murky waters and waking up to rats.

Excellent. I love this country.

But what I love even more iis the nerve, the audacity and the shamelessness with which we, the masses, are expected to fall for the government’s theories of progress. There is no election. We should all choose to elect sense. Since there isn’t any – I’ll say it again – there is no election.
The full article is here.

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