Sunday, August 27, 2006

A sad day for Pakistan

Who thought that it would come to this?! That the flag which we hold so dear will be burnt someday on our own soil and by our own people. Akbar Bugti era may have come to an end but only time will tell what it may have started. I am not a sympathizer of his by any means and I understand the plan to kill him had been made long ago, ever since he decided to take up arms. But I refuse to believe that there was no other way and if you ask me, his death will only encourage more baloch youths to join in the struggle their leader gave his life for.

There are widespread protests already and there are more to follow with strikes being announced in the coming days. I fear the worst. God save Pakistan.

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Reza said...

It truly is sad what is happening in our country. I suggest an intellectual revolution. Kick out the mullah's and burn the hypocrites.

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