Monday, March 12, 2007

Amreeki Pithu Ka Junoon!

I couldn't help but chuckle at this title written on a banner held by some people protesting the recent dismissal of the Chief Justice by our President. That is exactly what Mushy seems to have become sadly of late, giving into everything the US has been asking him to do in return for military and financial aid. He argues, however, that any sane person leading Pakistan would do the same things he has done simply because they are in the 'national interest' of Pakistan.

This term often gets me since it follows from ideologies of introversion and possessing a egocentric attitude towards fellow countries who have stood by us when we needed them. The Democrats are clearly against courting any favors to Pakistan and if they find themselves in power come 2008, Pakistan may well see some harsh words being spoken to them by the incumbents of `White House`. I bet given the opportunity, they would love to cut all such support to Pakistan leaving us 'out in the cold', marking an end to the honeymoon period between us. What policy would be adopt then ?


Tanveer said...

Why did you say 'military and financial aids'? I don't see either.

Razz said...

They made us major non-NATO ally, gave us tons of foreign aid AFTER 9/11 .. The F-16 Deal, Earthquake Relief efforts et al. Need I say more ?

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