Friday, March 16, 2007

Black Day

What unfolded before our very eyes today was nothing less than appalling! So much for projecting a 'soft' image of Pakistan Mushy! At this juncture, when the country is dealing with it's worst judicial crisis, the police stormed the office of GEO TV in an ignominious turn of events that defied belief!

In fact, for the last couple of days starting from that jackass Wasi Zafar's comments on Voice of America to Kamran Khan's show being pulled from air, the country has become a laughing stock on the international stage amid the deepening judicial crisis which seems set to go on for considerable length of time. No wonder people in the West have this image of us in their minds of scores of people protesting on the streets for one reason or another and not only protesting but violently dissenting, bringing life in cities to a standstill and either being roughed-up themselves or causing extensive loss of property either way reaffirming their belief that Muslims are no more than violent and despondent hoodlums disseminating nothing but malevolence amongst themselves and towards other nations of the world.

It remains to be seen what direction these cataclysmic events take next and I, for one, solemnly pray that this is over asap. Amen ! God save Pakistan.

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