Thursday, April 05, 2007

Another visit to GoAish

I went home thoroughly satisfied from my last visit to GoAish - when I did Paintballing - and this time it was my turn to try out the other much vaunted offerings of adventure they had. I still didn't get to try out everything - did the High Rope Course, Swing and Wall Climbing this time. It seems it'll take *another* visit to the park to try out the remaining adventures - Short Course and the Quad Bikes that is!

The High Rope Course costs Rs. 200 and it's definitely worth it! The trainers are professional and they are there to help you every step of the way but once you're up there 50 feet in the air stranded on some people wondering how to overcome the next obstacle, you are ofcourse on your own :)! Nevertheless, the training is pretty helpful and once you get the hang of it, it's pretty simple and the only thing you have to keep in check are your nerves !

The Swing, which costs Rs. 50, is the absolute BEST part ! It is simply awesome I tell you! ... You get to sit on the edge of a tower-like structure well above the ground; Then, they clamp you to this elastic swing connected to two poles up front (see pic below) and the scary thing is it PULLS you towards it ! You literally have to conjure up the courage to let go ! It's like to falling down a good 20-30 feet and especially when someone's pulling you down, you know you wouldn't wanna let go ! Anyways, once you do let go ... you fall down until the swing pulls you up and sends you into a pendulum-like motion that is quite fantastic ! Your heartbeat goes up in a flash but the whole experience is absolutely wonderful and you would want to try it all over again! I was no different and tried it again before we left the park. Not to mention I went back an extremely satisfied customer AGAIN !

Here's me doing the swing ...

Hats off to them for bringing such a thing to Karachi! Like I said earlier about paintballing, you MUST ALSO try the swing ! It is awesome ! Mark my words! :)

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