Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Yess!! I did it!! I have been dreaming of scoring decent in the GRE for months!! and now to have finally done it, it feels so freaking wonderful!

Even though I did not have a very good test but it was good enough to get me 1350, which is by no means a bad score. I didn't so well in Math unfortunately :(, falling 30 points short of my target of 750, but then I more than made up for it in Verbal! So there! I feel so free and relieved to finally have gotten over with this dreadful test.

Anyway, final score was Verbal: 630, Quantitative: 720. The Writing part went well and I should score 4.5-5 (out of 6) hopefully.


Tanveer said...

Well, 720 for maths seems a bit low. However, 1350 is not a bad score overall. You got 5.5 for writing. Great!

Razz said...

It is actually - 75th percentile :(! I ran out of time :'(

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