Saturday, July 07, 2007

Tandrusti Hazaar Naimat Hay

I've had this freaking cough for the last three freaking weeks and it took a turn for the worst last night! Damn! Now it's real bad and I know I could have prevented it :(! The doctor seemed startled as to how it could get so bad from the last time I visited him ... Anyway, a bit of 'BADD PARHAIZI' and there you go..

Right now, I got a running nose, a cough that is so bad ... it's not even funny! And as a result of all this, I have a bad fever too !


Shujaat Bukhari said...

And you are on your way to spread it out in the whole division...For God's Sake! Stop it!

Razz said...

Yes! That operation was successful! ;) .. Unfortunately, everyone in my home got infected too! :P

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