Monday, July 02, 2007

Changed Life

It's been a while since I last posted to this blog. A lot has happened after May ... I've gotten a job at a software house in down here in Karachi and life's been changed ever since. I am sure everyone takes their time getting used to a working life where you have to spend the best part of the day at this singe place all week long! Believe me, it takes some getting used to for a fresh graduate! Anyway, the experience has been worthwhile and I hope it continues to be that way for as long as I stay here.

Life really gets busy tenfold when youi start a job. I can't seem to remember if I've ever craved for weekends this much before :)! All of the week's work now invariably gets dumped on the weekend and all the movies, TV series etc. have to wait till the weekend too. I finished the LOST - Season 3 last week and have now started watching the Star Trek - The Next Generation series. Besides that, I read Digital Fortress and plan to get my hands on the The 11th Commandment which a friend recommended. So all in all, life is whizzing at warp ten speed and while having to witness unusually high amounts of rain. And there's more fore casted for tomorrow and day after ... damn!


Tanveer said...

Hey, change your blog title to 'Working life'.
Reading between the lines, you have come to appreciate the true value of two off days from work.

Razz said...

Hey, its a working and waking life dude ;)

correct! Two days off is a gem of a thing. Working with one day off would be such a pain ...

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