Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy's keynote at NED Convention 2007

An excellent keynote delivered by Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy at the recently held NED Alumni Convention in Silicon Valley. He talks about the power of ideas and how our universities need to be the center of ideas. He also talks about how simply allocating millions of rupees to the HEC budget isnt going to bring about a change in the country. You'll be astonished to hear some of the examples he gave of the misuse of such valuable funding. Like I said, a MUST Listen!


MB said...

What a man
What a mind
What ideas !!!
Thank you so much for putting this online.

MB said...

yar is there anyway you can get its video ?

Razz said...

Maybe, try contacting the good guys at for the original video.

Anonymous said...

Hey there razz thanks for coming by my blog:)
I have also replied to your comment btw!!

Dragon said...

You would be doing a great favour to the people of pakistan if you put this up at youtube, so that a larger cross section of the society can benefit from this indept and perceptive analysis.

Its difficult for people to dig it up from here. It was by sheer luck that I came across this keynote. Other's migt not be that lucky.

Hope to see it on youtube soon.

God Bless..

Kind Regards,

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