Wednesday, September 26, 2007

TV Series Galore!

For those of us still reeling from our defeat to India at the Twenty20 final, there couldn't be a better way to move on than to switch the focus to a brand new season of some awesome TV series! I'm talking about Prison Break and Heroes ladies and gentlemen! PB's third season kicked off last week (and I'm downloading it right now on my DSL!) and Heroes season two is set to start next week! So, all in all, we're in for a treat of TV Series!! wohoo ... and not before long, LOST will come back too and the tv season will be in full swing.


Ahmed Bhaila said...

heroes season II premiered this week btw. Lost is coming back March '08

Razz said...

right ... my mistake! :) ...

I'm downloading that too now! ;)

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