Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sham Democracy

I am left utterly speechless as the crème de la crème of corrupt politicians are once again joining hands to rule this dear country of ours! The sight of all those losers in National Assembly clapping and celebrating Mushy's re-election was truly sickening! I mean how freaking low can you get?! Selling your soul to the man who has America's blessings, and what about BB - who's going to pay back the billions she's looted and will loot over the next 5 years?!! What will happen to Zardari - will he be let loose to fill his pockets with state wealth YET AGAIN?! Are their previous deeds all forgotten, JUST LIKE THAT?!

No one has the right to absolve the criminals of the state - no one! Where is the Supreme Court now?! If there's any semblance of law and order left in this country, they should immediately take notice of this disgraceful ordinance and render it null and void at once!

I am simply outraged, incensed and vexed at the hypocrisy of the people who claim to be the representatives of the people of Pakistan. And don't even get me started about Mushy! He has lost what little credibility he had as a leader, as his actions have demonstrated that he'll do just about anything to stay in power - sanction the heinous acts of May 12, violate the constitution, exceed his term in office as Military Chief, hold more office than legally allowed, form alliances with known plunderers - the list goes on and on!

The stage drama of his re-election and the so-called "deal" with BB has exposed everyone and everything. Kinda ironic when you think that such looters are going to be leading the Land of the Pure!


Intisar Ali said...

by 'BB', Did u meant 'Bloody Bitch' ??

Anonymous said...

Eid Mubarak. You are right that supreme court can declare this national reconciliation order null and void by it’s power of judicial review and it is also true that neither Musharraf nor Benazir are capable of leading Pakistan but then who is? Nawaz Sharif? Or shall we import some good governors from abroad? Just kidding. Lol. Have a very happy Eid.

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