Friday, October 19, 2007

Violence grips Karachi - AGAIN!

I woke up this morning from the plangent sound of my mobile alerting me to the receipt of a new message; who knew what calamity it was going to report. It was Teeth Maestro's message through the Twitter Karachi channel that over a 100 people had been killed in a bomb explosion near Benazir's convoy! What the #$#%$! I said to myself. If there was one thing we'd been grateful for the previous day, it was that there'd been no untoward incidents reported all day across the city. But sadly, the day ended on a bloody note - yet again.

The name Karachi must have become synonymous with violence and bloodshed for those foreign folk. No wonder they don't want to travel here, because you never know who might blow up what in pursuit of their twisted and hidden (or perhaps not so hidden) agendas. Another thing that saddens me is the sort of response from the so called "educated" people on a prominent place like Karachi MetBlogs. Just by going through the comments here and here, you could why we are the way we are. When the educated lot are truly "jaahil" by nature, when such people harbor feelings of hatred and animosity towards a fellow human being, no wonder the entire nation has become intolerant beyond recognition!

I don't know what else to say really; the death toll from last night leaves May 12 and 12 Rabbi ul Awwal calamities in the shadows. May ALLAH grant peace and patience to the dead and their families, and destroy all those connected with this heinous act and fail them in such sick and demented agenda of theirs. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, hope things return back to normalcy

Raheel Lakhani said...

yaar paglon ki tarah 12 12 baje tak road per ghumo ge toh what do u expect?! I have some interesting opinions about it. Would write it soon.

Unknown said...

Things are pretty much back to being normal except for a few places. Thats the sad thing too, that everything can be so normal after such a tragic event. We seem to have one in our city every 2-3 months :(!

Aur nahin to kia. With credible evidence (and by her own admission I must add) there were no less than 4 separate reports of a possible suicide attack on her convoy - yet madam decided to go ahead with her plans.

Ahsan Ahmed Zia said...
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Ahsan Ahmed Zia said...

You know, My Blood starts to boil when our foolish countrymen start to blame Islam for all the bombings which took place,by sitting on the desks of different TV channels.
Without any evidence they start to accuse their own religion.
Can someone persuade them to change this behavior?

Unknown said...

Quite right! With TV channels flourishing in their new-found freedom, there is almost no check on the sort of content they're televising. Anybody can say just about anything on TV these days and still get away with it. This is especially harmful in sensitive matters such as religion, politics etc.

kinkminos said...

almost as big a tragedy as the death toll from the blasts is the fact that the sheer enormity of the death toll has taken a back seat to everybody's spin on the whole affair: the very fact of benny-zero's return, the lack of appropriate security arrangements, the sheer extent of the security arrangements, pee-pee-pee blaming punjabi-speaking gujratis (among others), punjabi-speaking gujratis blaming prince consorts...

i myself have been guilty of focussing on what pundit-types like to refer to as "the big picture" -- as if the loss of 150 lives is small-fry.

nevertheless, that is to be expected: firstly because in pakistan (to quote a somewhat hackneyed phrase) there is little value attached to human life, and decades of conflagration in poor karachi have numbed everybody to the humanitarian side of things; secondly because the return of wotsername is such a big event (though for so many different reasons, depending on your affiliations and pounts of view).

until (if?) we reach a stage in our society where the rule of law and universal justice and human rights truly start to define us, the situation won't change. until then the fact of a few hundred human limbs flying about independently of their bodies will only be important insofar as political capital can be had out of it.

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