Thursday, December 27, 2007

All hell breaks loose as BB is assassinated

I'm speechless.... don't know what to say really. When I heard of the attack, I wasn't really shocked since suicide attacks have now sadly become the norm in our country. It was when the news broke of her death, thats when it started to sink in. Bhutto was dead - a name revered among millions in Pakistan (especially here in Sindh). I have been critical of her in the past, but shit, this is just plain barbarism ... the height of intolerance! Do they not realize that the very existence of this great country has now been plunged into danger by this heinous act!? Who is behind the killing? What are their motives? Who is supposed to gain from all this?!

Meanwhile, all hell's breaking loose here in Karachi. Factories, hospitals, cars being burnt ... god knows how much blood will be spilled tonight. I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are somewhere safe because I know many people are still stuck outside and have been unable to reach their homes. There's just one advice for the people of Karachi right now - stay the @%$ put!!

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