Sunday, March 02, 2008

Brace Yourselves, Summers are here!

For the avid downloader that I am, there's nothing more I detest than power-outs and fluctuating voltages during Summers. Oh yes, the abominable power cuts are back now that Summer has arrived and our ever-reliable KESC's systems have started caving in to extra power demands. I am posting this today, because for the first time in months my PC restarted due to voltage fluctuation (a horrible reminder of things to come) and believe me, last Summer was easily the worst on record from a power-outage standpoint.

They may have a nice-looking website. If only their quality of service was half as good as that. They're certainly holding true to their motto, Power for ProgressRegress.

Sigh! And I was just beginning to enjoy leaving my PC ON all night for downloads. With fluctuating voltages, you just can't risk it.


Asghar Javed said...

Nice blog. Where was I when it was being written. Keep up.

Asma said...

Awww ... and summers have just started :S

In bad state we are here .. Pakistan all in all i.e. !

Unknown said...

Thanks! Well, you're here now :)

True. It'll get a lot worse before it'll get better.

Anonymous said...

U end up burning ur machine along with the rest of the stuff :S, can be taken as till now pakistanis' in winters were living in a peaceful screensaver and just now KESC has rolled the mouse over :P

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, yes :(. Summers haven't even peaked yet and already we got three 2-hour long grueling power outs a day!

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