Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ostentatious Devotion

Sometimes the inanity of our people really does strike me - none more so than in this instance which I'm about to describe. At a time when the city is going through its worst power crisis ever, devout followers of the Prophet (PBUH) have put up green lights on all major roads, thoroughfares and intersections of the city! And this is just what I have observed myself, I'm sure they've found plenty more ways to waste what little energy we have on such displays of religiousness that do no one no good. If they must show off, why not put green flags instead of lights? Why are they bent on wasting power on green lights that are turned ON for hours into the night, and possibly till the morning?!

And what is even more inane is that all this is being allowed with no checks at all. What is wrong with us? Why do we have to be so showy about everything?! And every year, there's news of some clash occurring between members of different rallies being taken out on 12 Rabbi ul Awwal! It's sad really! We've practically destroyed ourselves in our attempts to be better followers of the Prophet (PBUH) than others while our enemies sitting far away can't help but smirk as we self-destruct.


Destitute Rebel said...

Ver well written, its is ridiculous but sometimes quite funny in a sad way how many ways we can come up with to destroy ourselves.

Faisal said...

You'd be surprised to know the color of 'islam' was never green. In fact the color that our Holy Prophet (PBUH) wore is black. I think (i could be wrong here) only the Saudis and Pakistanis have a green in their flag for Islam.

Faisal Khan

Anonymous said...

the color is white and that is of peace i suppose, but yet again imagine the only thing that u can see out of ur blackened window are green lights, people in our country dont have mercy upon anyone accept for themselves.

Hammy said...

Oopps to scary tagline.. but true.

Voice of Pakistan

Ali said...

The color the Holy Prophet wore was white with a black Amama.

As for our show of religiousness, it's only a show, nothing in our hearts. As I say, we can't blame the Danish for making fun of our beloved Prophet. We do it ourselves. We disrespect our own religion, what right do we have to point fingers at others?


Mobashir Ahmed said...

I only wish we could follow sayings and deeds of the holy prophet(pbuh). If we can't convince others to follow, let us do it ourselves.

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