Saturday, May 24, 2008

Speak Up and Be Free?

These stupid billboards, they do your freaking head in don't they!

I'm talking about the stupid bullcrap JAZZ ads that have "taken over" the billboards at several places in the city. Since when does speaking up and being free involve doing semi-nude poses that could at best be described as raunchy? Come to think of it, almost all mobile ads project some sort of hollow made-up dream society where all the kids are jumping around in night clubs - in some cases, with grannies joining them - and singing as if they're high on drugs on something.

Is this the kind of bull we'll be serving now that our media is finally FREE? Is this how we become an "enlightened" and "tolerant" society? One that accepts freedom of expression? By the looks of things, I'm beginning to think it was better the other way around to be honest! Who the hell approves these stupid billboards/television ads/dramas anyway?! (that is, if there is an approval process in place in the wake of millions in advertising revenue - especially from the telcos). And there's another of these totally inane billboards on Sharah-e-Faisal of Shezan twist that would probably look better on a poster of an X-rated film. I am not kidding people, it really is that bad! See for yourself (the twist ad). I'll try and get an image of the JAZZ ads as well. It freaking does my head in sometimes, really.


SAWJ said...

Man, the shezan billboard can be used to advertise a condom.

These companies and the advertisement firms are trying to instill into the minds of the young Pakistani generation a new image of society, one that is totally different from reality. In short they want to create a society that'll earn them more and more money. They're doing just what our free media is doing (fake crisis and all):

"Mulk ko maar kar geo, maro aur geenay do!" :P

Razz said...

Can't help but agree with you mate. There are absolutely no checks whatsoever on tv/ads of the moral turpitude that is now prevalent among the society. You could get away with anything that stops short of kissing on TV. Pathetic tbh!

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