Saturday, August 09, 2008

Des Pardes

I'm finally where I had been planning to come since my last year of Bachelors. Going back to school can be a pretty daunting task, especially when it's in a foreign country - USA, in my case. So, here I am, in a totally new country with totally different norms and lifestyle itching to get started on my degree. It sure is an exciting time! Wish me luck people- one thing I sure need a lot of in the next few months.
First impressions are the great courteousness of the natives, and the fantastic road network. I believe 'Thank You' is THE most common word spoken here, something sadly not even worth contemplating back home. Speaking of home, it appears I won't be able to rant anymore about all things dysfunctional back home - be it the inane leadership we're cursed with or some random spottings on the streets of Karachi. I'm now officially a desi in exile - which is great, but it's not until you leave home that you realize how much you took it for granted.
Oh, and that logo you see there belongs to my school - N.C. State.


Ali Raza Shaikh said...

Raza! my prayers are with you and congrats for all the success.

SAWJ said...

Best of luck mate. Do tell us what its like over there, I plane to arrive in a year over there!

Tazeen said...

NC has one of the most colorful autumns. You are in for a treat.

Razz said...

Thanks man!

Tx mate. What I can tell right now is that its VERY different. They have their pros and cons but generally, it is GOOD - a nice change even though its a gazillion miles from home which tends to make you homesick if you don't have family close-by.

Yes it does, owing to so much forestation. That is , unfortunately, also a reason for despair since NC has one of the worst pollen seasons in the US. Its sometime around March and April I believe, when they come down in thousands and almost every other person comes down with an allergy. And I thought living in Karachi had be immune to almost anything! :P

Fariha Akhtar said...

Hey..congrats and all the best for all your endeavors. I am looking forward to read abt different experiences that u have there :)

anas imtiaz said...

Congratulations and best of luck for ur degree. Do post ur experiences at the school and the US in general.

Faisal.K said...

best of luck :)

pls update my blog url... to

Asma said...

Ah ha, so you be in bush's country now :)

May Allah be with you !

Saadia said...

Oh North Carolina. I have a couple of friends at Charlotte.

Razz said...

@Fariha, Anas, Faisal, Asma
Thanks! Sure, lots of interesting posts coming up

nice nice .. :)

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