Saturday, September 06, 2008

Zardari elected President

I think I'm gonna be sick! :S

You know they've been going on about what little executive experience Obama and Replublican V.P. nominee Sarah Palin have. Come to think of it, how much of it does Zardari have?

Funny how all the cases against him are being disproved all of a sudden, and how the government has conveniently withdrawn it's case against him from the Swiss courts. He must think he's in heaven or something!

Check out the story in International Herald Tribune about him.


aMmAr said...

Its a funny world my friend, look at the bright side at least this President is elected.

Razz said...

Yehi to gham hay kay he is elected :(

SAWJ said...

I'm seriously disturbed by the fact that you are willing to ignore Zardari's corruption just because he's 'elected'. So was Musharraf. Opposition boycotting his election holds not merit. If they had voted, he would still have won. And as for this being a brighter side is concerned, the coming months will tell.

aMmAr said...

Musharraf was equally corrupt or probably more at least zardari paid some dues by serving some time behind the bars. But give me one name of an equal corrupt army guy who was every tried for his crimes(Zia, Yahya, Ayub etc).

Its equally disturbing for me on how you choose to ignore these facts.

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