Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hug A Developer

Source: http://develop-one.net/blog/2008/08/27/HugADeveloper.aspx

It started with "Developers everywhere are in terrible pain", and I just knew where it was going. Its true for *most* software projects, which are mishandled and either end up being a total failure or, if they're lucky, realizing less than half of what the software was originally capable of. A sad story, repeated all over the world for myriad reasons.

Note there's no mention of testers or software testing. That probably because there's nothing to it! :) I mean how hard can it be?! :P Devs and test, as you can imagine, don't always get along. But perhaps I'll save my anti-QA rants for another post some other time :)


Tazeen said...

awwww that was cute

SAWJ said...

Include Web Developers in this!

Asma said...

Absolutely awesome :)

Ahh the pain ... but why only developers .. goes in sw industry all around =\

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