Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dolphins Lose Again!

Too bad the Karachi Dolphins ended up being second-best to Sialkot YET AGAIN! Why is it that every team I support either performs miserably or fails at the very last hurdle? My beloved team Toon aka Newcastle United are struggling at the bottom of the English Premier League, my beloved country Pakistan is reeling from an economic crisis of epic proportions right now with no end to it in sight. Our president is proudly begging for a $100 billion bail-out, as if the rest of the world is waiting in the wings to help us. Frankly, they have enough problems of their own right now owing to the great economic recession that has engulfed the world. So don't hold your breath on that, but you know with all the doom and gloom surrounding the country at the moment, it was nice to see attention diverted to something fun and light-hearted, even if it lasted for just a few days. The harsh reality is that we will not see international cricket in the country for god knows how long and us fans will be starved of quality cricket for the foreseeable future. Also, our national team hasn’t lived up to its expectations lately (come to think of it, has anything associated with Pakistan done good of late?) and I would, personally, love to see them getting back to winning ways whether they play at home or abroad. I'd rather bet on them than on our President when it comes to turning around their respective fortunes.


Anas Imtiaz said...

I wanted the Dolphins to win too!! :(

SAWJ said...

Every Karachiite did!

Tazeen said...

why you had to bring the president between dolphins and New castle united? No matter how miserably they perform, they are still a lot less pain inducing than our president

YH said...

get the flu shot. The flu is way more painful than the dolphins losing or zardari or both together.

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