Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama may lose

You know, anything can happen come November 4th. :)

A cousin forwarded me this funny video below depicting one such scenario:

This and other similar videos have been doing the rounds on the web lately; the other cool one I found was about an ordinary person (like yourself) running for president except that this one is perhaps closer to the present situation as far as the elections go.

North Carolina is one of the battleground states in this election, for the first time in many years and both candidates are neck-and-neck over here. That is why Mr. Obama is speaking in downtown Raleigh right now urging people to vote early. I'm really hoping this state goes BLUE, which would be the first time it's done that since 1976 would you believe! So, fingers crossed over this one.


JDèé said...

Well, it's good for you that you are not registered as a voter (are you?). Nobody could play this one on you, at least. :P
Btw, did you know what happened in Itim over the other video? :)

Razz said...

Yes, I ain't a voter but that doesn't change the fact that it's funny :)

and yes, I did read about that on your blog. To be honest, I thought it was pretty to detect that it was a prank played by whoever sent you the email. The one here in this video looks so much better than that one btw

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