Monday, December 15, 2008

And they say we are corrupt!

Some of the world's biggest banks have revealed they are victims of an alleged fraud which has lost $50bn (£33bn).
Banks hit worldwide by US 'fraud'

True, corruption is rampant back home at both lower and higher levels but while they have little corruption here at the grassroots level, frequency of reports like the one mentioned above suggests that it is pretty prevalent at the higher level - and not just here but everywhere in the world.


Anonymous said...

We aint so bad :)

Anonymous said...

@Asma: Don't be too sure, we have Zardari! :D

Tazeen said...

now all hail president zardari

Unknown said...

We are pretty bad alright. I just wanted to point out they (meaning goras) aren't ... how do we say it? - DOODH KAY DHULAY


I still can't believe he's our president :(!

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