Friday, December 26, 2008

Let it snow!

Landed in Seattle last night for a quick 2-week trip. Saw snow today for the first time. Ever.

Needless to say, I'm lovin' it!


SAWJ said...

Only fun if you have people to enjoy it with. Otherwise winter is pretty depressing.

Anonymous. said...

Awww that seems a nice pic, but doesnt it gets dark and scarier at the night :S

anas said...

How is a 2-week trip 'quick'?

utp said...

nice...though I dont really like the cold...but it looks good in pictures...hehe...

Razz said...

Agreed. I'm not exactly a fan of winters meself but here you never notice them unless you go out so it's easier and you get to enjoy more. Plus, the city, neighborhoods et al. look beautiful covered in snow

Dark? Of course. Scary? No

Well, it's not exactly an extended vacation (which would've been nice)

Like I said, cold ain't that much annoying over here. But yeah, summers (mild ones at that) rock.

odzer said...

@ Razz : Nice picture. I like it sometimes when it snows up in the mountains here. May be you should pick up snowball fight? Enjoy the winters, have some hot chocolate, some nice soup or just snuggle under a blanket. Every season has its own charm.

Saadia said...

Oh wow! Needless to say, enjoy it! Though I'm curious, no Murree even?

YH said...

The first time I saw snow was in Appleton, WI. I disliked it from the very beginning. Yes, it's white and fluffy (like rabbits would be) but like rabbits, once it gets dirty you don't want to go anywhere near it.

Razz said...

That's exactly what I'm doing. Welcome to the blog btw.

Nah, never had the opportunity of going to Murree

I'm sure I wouldn't like it either if it freaking snowed all the time like it does in Wisconsin and other places like Chicago etc.

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