Thursday, January 08, 2009

Why the blind support of Israel?

I, for one, am shocked and aghast at the blind support given to Israel by the United States of America. No matter how heinous Israel's crimes are, there is NEVER a condemnation of it's actions by the US. Even if the countries share a lot of their national interests, you would think given the humanitarian crisis that has resulted there as a result and the number of innocent casualties that have occurred in the wake of the attacks, there would be *some* criticism for such action and calls for a ceasefire and to this day, there are none. More than 600 Palestinians are dead as a result of the Israeli offensive and thousands are injured. How can the world simply let Israel continue this massacre without raising a voice?!

It is this blind support of Israel that is the prime factor in America's unpopularity in Asia and the rest of the world. There is a feeling that no matter what Israel does, America will ALWAYS support it effectively giving Israel the green light to do whatever it wants to do. Israel claims it's bombings are highly precise and accurate, but the images out of Gaza tell a different story altogether. Besides, where is the sense in claiming the lives of hundreds of civilians as a result of a couple of deaths by Hamas rockets in Israel? Can it not get it through their heads that such indiscriminate killing will only ensure that such hatred and animosity for Israel continues, and a new generation will grow up with the sole aim of killing Israelis. I do not know what Hamas were thinking firing rockets at Israeli cities. Killing of civilians is wrong, no matter who does it but the Israeli response, as usual, has been inhumane and brutal and the US support for it is equally pathetic. It is a circle with no beginning and no end. Violence breeds violence. Period.


Atif Siddiqui said...

well the picture says it all for US but what had happened to Muslims.... why Muslims are not doing anything? My blood starts to boil when I see this whole situation.

Nikki. said...

Drone attacks a ‘compulsion’, says Richard Boucher. Accepting humiliation as stooges is ours.

These are the statements of the people whom we are giving special awards for nothing. As for America than it is all tied up in Israeli net, lols poor thing cant even defend it's self. America's soul has been drenched by Israeli tactics. No matter how hard they try they cant help it. And yeah as for Muslims then for them America plays the role of Israel.

Razz said...

Muslims are far too busy quibbling amongst themselves to take a strong unified stance against Israel. In other words, they hold their dollars dearer to their fellow Muslims' lives.

Yes, it is considered "political suicide" for a politician to say something against Israel here in the states. It's sad, really. I mean how worse can it get over there. And just the other day, the US House passed a resolution in favor of Israel and only 5 people out of almost 400 were against it!

Saadia said...

I am now convinced that we don't need to convince the world about Israel's antics. Everybody who has even one basic sense in working order, knows. It is a conscious and a naked decision to support Israel's state terrorism. Only God can give justice, when He desires.

Razz said...


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