Thursday, January 01, 2009

Gaza bleeds again

Another massacre in Gaza continues as the world watches on silently. How long will this oppression last? A once "invincible" army which couldn't even defeat a determined militia is now picking on innocent women and children to get its point across.

Image courtesy: Carlos Latuff


utp said...

now isn't this terrorism of some sort? this is PURE terrorism to the deep down meaning of it...

why isn't the world against this?

SAWJ said...

Why? Because Jews own the world, that's why. And Muslims are their servants.

YH said...

I disagree with SAWJ. That's too much of a cookie cutter of an answer. We shouldn't generalize like that. But this is terrorism and of the worst kind =(

Tanveer Badar said...

This is not massacre raza. It is genocide, the Muslim version of holocaust if such a thing really existed. Bosnia all over again.

Tazeen said...

The world is against it UTP, common folks like us all over the world, it is the governments - be it Arab, European or Asian - who do not care enough.

Razz said...

The people, in general, are. The governments are not.

You mean Zionists. They are plenty of Jews against what Israel does.


It is, isn't it. Yet all countries are quiet. How pathetic!

Agreed. So much for `harbingers` of human rights

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