Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scenes from Pakistan

I came across bilishy's post about a story entitled Scenes from Pakistan which is aimed at depicting the current situation prevalent in Pakistan, .

It was interesting going through the comments in that post. Apart from the inane and moronic views of some trolls, it was nice to see some positive comments from others that really put the situation into perspective. As for my opinion, I think the pictures paint a very bleak and gory picture of Pakistan (NWFP in particular), not that it isn't half-true or anything. The recent truce with the Taliban in the Swat valley is something to be concerned about. While it will bring much-needed peace to the region, what remains to be seen is the concessions the Taliban are willing to make (if any) in imposing their Shariah law in the region. I would be gutted to see if girls' schools continue to remain closed under the new truce. That would undoubtedly signal a defeat for us hopeful of making Swat the wonderful tourist destination it once was.

But Swat is not our only problem at the moment. The Taliban element that seems to have grown more and more on our side of the border in the wake of the US invasion has also resulted in an increase in sectarian violence, particular in Kurram Agency and Parachinar. I'm surprised no leader of ours hasn't said that in public especially when the Americans have the audacity to question our intentions in fighting this war on terror.

The collection of pictures, overall, was very moving. Just goes to show the dire straits our beautiful country finds itself in. If there was any time we needed some really sincere leadership, it is NOW but sadly look who we have for a leader!. Recent events like this don't exactly fill you with confidence either.


Nikki. said...

We are at real under a very BAD supervision, we need a CHANGE for real. We are being puppitized by our Leaders as if under some spell or a trance where everything present can be seen but not acted upon. We can long march, we can take out rallies, we can protest but after that it feels as if our whole body has been amputated :(

MK said...

We should pray and hope that everything works out for the best. I think the least we can do at this point is to be honest to ourselves and work and perform at our best for the collective good of everyone in this world.

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