Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beverage Concoctions

Have you ever felt crazy enough to try some weird combination of different beverages? I have! I remember I was introduced to it by my brother, and he learned it at his college (why is everything crazy associated with college life?). Anyway, the first beverage concoction that I tried was Sprite + Milk. It was awesome! After that I've tried Pepsi Milk (so-so), Fanta Milk (not so good), and lastly Vimto Milk (very good!). Vimto Milk tastes kinda like Rooh Afza, except with bubbles and gas. Sprite Milk still wins hands down though.

It is incredibly easy to make your beverage concoction, just do as follows:

1/2 glass of milk
1/2 glass of the beverage of your choice

Pour milk, then beverage and stir a little and VOILA! You got a brand new drink! Although I don't guarantee it'll always taste good :P Sprite and Vimto Milk still rock though! So, go ahead ... give it a try :)


Anonymous said...

Lolz :D .. will give it a try :)

Yahya said...

Its called 'Doodh Soda'. Make sure soft drink and milk are chilled before you mix them! Add some ice cubes otherwise.

Sana said...

hahahaha yeah i have always heard about the Milk Sprite/7up thingy its usually called as Doodh Soda :P have tried it once or twice it does taste good but for me i get bubbles in my stomach (not a good lactose digester :P )
will try and see how vimto and Milk end up in my stomach :P:P:P

Anonymous said...

it sounds GROSSS!!
but intriguing!!

i must try!
thanks for the tip

Unknown said...

Be my guest. Don't know about Vimto Milk but you will definitely LOVE Sprite Milk

Ahaan, didn't know that

Its good, give it a try

Heh, I thought the same at first too! But you should definitely try it, I think you'll like it.

Id it is said...

Now those are some amazing mixes! Doesn't the milk curdle when you mix it with a citric drink?

How about two citrus drinks like fresh orange juice and an aerated drink (Sprite)... not very innovative though!

Tanveer Badar said...

I once tried that pepsi+milk thing. Tasted like someone had vomited in the glass. Too bad it was presented to me so I had to endure the entire 250+ ml of agony.

Saadia said...

I'm not the best cook in town, but I'll give this a try sometime...fingers crossed! ;-)

And yes, doodh-soda rules!

Anonymous said...

nice post ,,
remind me of our coke-cane(coke+cane juice) combination in karachi university

Unknown said...

As long as milk is fresh, it won't go bad. Yeah, never tried juices and sprite .. doesn't sound that interesting ... i like juices the way they are :)

LOL! yeah, me not a big fan of it either. Did you ever try Sprite Milk?

It rules alright!


Anonymous said... could you actually mix them? and how cud u drink the 'mixture(?)'? I do believe u but wat i can think is tht wen i'd drink it, it wud surely make my tummy make many weird sounds... guR guR! :)


hi guys i have tried it so many times but milk always crudle.
any tips?

Anonymous said...

i figured it out 2-3 years back...its amazing....i used vimto concentrate(aka vimto cordial...d one wid d golden cap)....cant get enough of it...too bad we dont get it here in India...

Navaid Ehsan said...

Sprite with Milk won't hurt, however the milk sort of gets curdled, i read somewhere that when mixed that way, the calcium in milk gets destroyed, plus you can get diarrhea too sometimes, yet i like it a lot.

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