Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Credit Crisis Visualized

A great visualization of the current financial crisis we find ourselves in.

Courtesy: Crisisofcredit.com by Jonathan Jarvis.


Anas Imtiaz said...

ohh finally samajh agaya :D

great man...very nicely explained

Id it is said...

That is a great visual! I wish more people here could see it to get a grip on the situation they are in.
Thanks Razz for sharing.

Razz said...

Yes, mujhay bhi yeh dekh kar kuch kuch samajh aa gaya :)

You're welcome!

Tazeen said...


Ali said...

thanks for sharing :)) .. now i understand all this fiasco. Must say these banker guys are really f%&*$@# greedy morons.

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