Monday, March 02, 2009


Literally speechless about what happened in Lahore today. Mortified at the fact that they were guaranteed security yet this still took place. So much for our guarantees now. I just don't know what else to say. I'm glad no one from their team got hurt and I salute the brave policeman who died protecting them, not to mention the driver who drove them away from the scene.

Things just seem to be going from bad to worse for us. For once, I hope the investigation reveals the perpetrators of this heinous act. Those animals should be caught asap and brought before the courts, and their masterminds should be exposed no matter who they are!

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Corey said...

From a Sri Lankan:

Dear All in Pakistan,

Please do not feel sorry for something that you had no possibility of controlling. We, as Sri Lankans, know only too well how you feel. Our tolerance and good-heartedness have been taken advantage of many, many times before, by opportunists.... and we remember the pain we have undergone due to the actions of megalomanic terrorists of the ltte. For us, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are pretty much the same.

Whatever may have happened, we Sri Lankans will never forget how Pakistan rose to help us over and over again, during times of need. Our country (and yours) are unfairly hounded by opportunists and terrorist-paid members of the media. We are trying to rise against a lot of odds, and even during times when our neighbour India could not do anything (due to some of their opportunistic politicians trying to make advantage of the situation), Pakistan has ALWAYS helped us. We Sri Lankans don't forget such things.

So, our Pakistani brothers and sisters, please realize that we Sri Lankans know and understand how you feel... and don't take this too hard. Be strong: Our Leader Mahinda Rajapakse has shown the whole world what strong and resilient people Sri Lankans are... and we are on the very verge of eliminating the ltte terrorism form our land forever! Pakistanis are a classy bunch of people, and Sri Lanka will ALWAYS be with you.

With Best Regards,
Sri Lankans

Anonymous said...

To the Srilankan,
Thanks for the great words about my nation but you sould know some truths.Emotions and help in the past would not give back lives of Srilankan Players if any one of them died.So it is important not to display emotions when the situation is far worse than what you are seeing.It was this silly emotions that led Arjuna Ranatunga to go ahead with pakistan tour.Not that you did wrong but you NEVER bothered to ask for top level security promises from Pakistan authorities-because you were so emotional to show your help that your nation cricket chiefs forgot responsibilities.No team is going to get top level security unless it demands-I want you to know that your mistakes are one the reasons why the attack occured.Putting lives of players across for silly emotions will not help any of us-ammar

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