Monday, June 15, 2009

Help Counts!

Lest we forget, our brothers and sisters in the once peaceful valley of Swat need our help in what is being termed as a migration of epic proportions. While many of the displaced people have started returning to their homes following recent victories by the Pakistan Army, but there are still a large number of people who are still out in the open and is depserate need of help.

If you are worried that your donations will not reach the affected people and want greater transparency in the relief effort, fret no more. is one such site which provides the transparency you've been looking along with live updates of the ongoing relief effort on their website. Ideally, all relief organizations and NGOs should be utilizing this method as it is an excellent way to keep track of its progress and at the same time earn people's trust. Hats off to the people over at HelpCounts for this great effort!

Please donate generously!


Anonymous said...

I believe Pakistanis are always eager to help their fellow citizens in need but the corrupt system discourgaes them to donate. Thanks for sharing.

They indeed need our support and help!

Unknown said...

You're welcome ayesha!

Asma said...

agree with ayesha here .. may they go to their homes in bliss soon .. Inshah Allah :)

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