Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Star Trek - The Movie

First of all, what an awesome movie - for trekkies and non-trekkies alike. I've never seen so many non-trekkies say so many good things about a trek movie, which is fantastic! Credit to J.J. Abrams for bringing back the franchise on his own. Doing a reboot of a franchise - let alone one as illustrious as Star Trek - gives you a lot of room to be flexible in terms of where you want to take it, and J.J.Abrams used that freedom to perfection in my opinion. By making the story revolve around the lives of Kirk and Spock (who couldn't be anymore different from each other) he has struck a masterstroke and tells us precisely why both of them make a perfect team - easily the best Captain / First Officer duo in the franchise. Hats off to him for a truly awesome job!

Also, a shout out to the Pakistani actor Farhan Tahir as well for portraying Captain Robau of USS Kelvin (destroyed early on in the film by Captain Nero with James Kirk's father George on it). To be honest, I had not heard of him before this film but the fact that he's landed such a good role deserves applause. According to IMDB.com, he has two films in the offing at the moment - Ashes (2009) and Two Mothers (2010). Will definitely keep an eye out for them.


Absar Shah said...

Oh man GOT to agree to that! AWESOME, AWESOME movie! For me, Kirk wasn't that great, except for the comic moments ;) But Z.Quinto did a SUPERB Spock! And he actually looks a lot like L.Nimoy as well, if you look closely!

Man! I'm gonna download the original series now, if only for kicks! ;)

Tazeen said...

Farhan Tahir was excellent in Ironman as well

Razz said...

I thought they both were great. And also the doctor, Leonard McCoy. The on-screen chemistry was awesome and I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to do more films with these guys.


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