Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Growing Crime in Karachi!

Just the other day while returning home from the PASHA Job Fair 2006, I was sitting in my passenger seat in Star Line coach and this guy got on from Pearl Continental and stood right next to me as there was no room to sit. I couldn't help but notice the top part of his mobile phone clearly visible in the front pocket of the jeans he was wearing. For a second, I thought I should let this guy know because you never someone else with not-so-noble intentions might see it.

And you know what? 10 minutes later! I hear the same guy, screaming ... "Mera Mobile!" frantically checking the bag and pockets for his cellphone, which was by now gone! :( Someone had obviously spotted it and expertly taken it out without or him or me sitting right in front of him noticing it!

I felt sick, cursing myself for not telling him. God knows what this city is coming to.

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