Monday, May 29, 2006

Of Bibi and Sharfu

Only in Pakistan can you loot and plunder a country (not once but twice!) and still be considered respectable enough to run for a third friggin term! Both of our ex-Prime Ministers ... the so called harbingers of democracy should honestly be shot for the state they'd brought the country in before Mshy took over. I'm not advocating for Mushy here but I can't bear the sight of these two looters on my television set, it makes my blood boil tbh!

Too bad the masses of this great country are still under the control of feudal lords with loyal vote banks littered all over rural areas. No matter what crimes these people commit, their vote banks stay by and large intact. I pray we don't see either of them back in power again ... that would surely put us back several steps.

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mAn[S]o0r said...

i *so* agree with you! the musharraf govt. with all its flaws of *not being democratic* blah blah blah.. is FAR FAR better than anythign those two could bring.

Amazingly, the most quoted argument i hear for democracy is, its the people's choice? What choice? the people who get elected via the so-called democratic process are there not because of the vote of the people, but at the pleasure of whomsoever's vested interest they agree to serve. So holds true for any democracy in the world.

Atleast with this govt, one good thing which came out was the devolution of power in cities, and the nazim system. Now, if thats not a path to democracy, i dont know what is..

enuff of my rant! good post.. keep it up!

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