Friday, May 05, 2006

Child Labour

Such is the unfortunate condition in our country that you wouldn't be astounded at seeing nine or ten-year olds being made to work and earn money when all they should be concerned about is getting an education. It was a first, atleast for me, when yesterday I came across a 10-year old bus conductor! ... Imagine that, trusting a little kid with collecting money and what not of a bus route .. sad but at the same time amazing. Clad in a green shalwar kameez, he was shouting ... KADIA, Jamia Cloth, Tower aaay! in the usual conductor style.

Well, atleast the ladies wouldn't mind seeing a conductor in their compartment now ... Ok, bad joke I'll sign off now ...

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Tanveer said...

Child labor has another meaning. You never intended it in that sense? It also fits the description you wrote.

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